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About Hydra Ventures - Our Investment Focus

Hydra Ventures - Our Investment Focus

Opportunity Size
We seek to develop business propositions that are capable of reaching EUR 100 million in sales within five to ten years.
Hydra Ventures is an investment firm focused on the sportswear and casualwear segments of the footwear and apparel categories, as well as other sports-related areas, such as for instance sport technology or mobile/internet applications related to sport. Additionally, special consideration is given to companies with sustainable or socially responsible attributes.
We actively look at opportunities across all geographies, albeit we have particular interest in North America and fast growing emerging markets.
Investment Stage
We are primarily focused on considering minority stakes in early and growth stage companies. Once in our portfolio, we are capable of funding successful companies potentially up to all of their capital needs. Majority-controlled investments may be considered if their business cases are particularly compelling or deemed strategic to the adidas Group.
We partner with our invested companies and target an exit horizon which is compatible with the venture growth plan; such horizon could be 3 to 5 years or longer, depending on the circumstances. Upon exit we would consider either to integrate the portfolio company, or to proceed to traditional exit such as trade sale or listing.
What We Are Looking For Today

Sustainable Innovation

  • Scalable innovative manufacturing technologies with the aim towards zero waste.
  • Improvements towards current manufacturing processes to reduce ecological impact.
  • New ecologically preferable materials that can be sourced in a scalable manner.